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Public Sociology

Public Sociology, Interview with Media

Davis, K. (2018). "How Automation Could Worsen Racial Inequality". The Atlantic.

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Davis, K. M. (2020). Featured in documentary "Divided We Stand: Inside America's Anger." Cable News Network.  


Davis, K. M. (2020). Quoted in: "Florida State just barred many employees from caring for kids while working remotely. Moms ask: 'What am I supposed to do?'". The Lily, The Washington Post.  


Davis, K. M. (2020). Public Sociology: Quoted in: Podcast "Stuff You Should Know". iHeart  

Radio.  Interview about Structural Discrimination.  

Selected Writings


Davis, K. M. (2020). "On the Social Determinants of Health in the Era of Trump". In Reflections during the Pandemic Edited by Dasarath Chetty, ISA Research Committee 10 Participation, Organizational Democracy and Self-Management. 


Davis, K. M. (2020). "On the Protests for Black Lives: Why Flint Still Matters," Engage Magazine, COSSPP, FSU. 

Selected Presentations

Davis, K. M. (2020). "Beyond the Blind Spots: Supporting Relative Caregivers in Home Care Settings". Delivered at Clemson University/ Department of Health and Human Services-Care Connections Conference, Virtual.  


Davis, K. M. (2020). "Resilience Planning for Twenty-first Century Families: Trends and  

Strategies for Florida's Underserved Communities,". Delivered at American Institute  

of Architects, Florida.  


Davis, K.  M. (2016). “Can it happen here? The Flint, MI Water Crisis. In Gentrify: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.” Presentation at the meeting of Kheprw Institute, Indianapolis, IN.  

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